Hand & Finger therapy

The future of rehabilitation at your fingertips

3Digity extends the customizable orthesis creation from pure anatomical fit to a complete therapy customization

Hand & Finger therapy

The future of rehabilitation at your fingertips

Complete anatomical and biomechanical patient fit, or standard

sizes: 3Digity is ready for the future, and also for today. 

our vision

Future-proof hand rehabilitation technologies

3Digity is a medtech startup which develops automated processes to create the next generation of medical devices for improving movement (prevention, rehabilitation, training), and that also fit in today's rehabilitation scene. Our automated process covers it all: from future-ready fully individualized orthoses, to standard-sized devices.


3Digity is the central data platform that uses various algorithms to generate an orthosis from body data and the medical indication that matches the patient's size and mobility needs. While this process can in principle be applied to any joint of the body, the fingers have been identified as the entry market for this technology.

Anatomic & Biomechanic patient-tailored devices

One picture of the hand and movement requirements details results in a perfect, tailor-made device. 

Our workflow creates 3D-print-ready files and can be integrated into different workflows (from manual inserting of data to digital APIs) with the aim to integrate the devices into a rehabilitation process within a very short time.

Standarized devices

Our workflow can also provide standarized devices that ensure inmediate availability and elemental functionality for these patients for whom this suffices. 

This serves moreover as an attractive entry point in the market, and tackles many of the challenges of introducing fully customized devices in the market. With the combination of sizes and an innovative combination of adaptability features, our device is ready for today's medical market.


How It Works

The innovative workflow makes it possible to provide a custom device for each patient's individual rehabilitation needs within a very short period of time. Also, it serves as the technical backup to generate the models of standard devices, providing an unseen flexibility to adapt to the each market needs.


In contrast to stationary rehabilitation devices, an unlimited number of patients can be cared for, at the same time. Moreover, this can be done anywhere, even at home. Through the reuse of electrical components or even the complete device, costs can be amortized over a large number of patients and the environment is helped.

The Team

Meet Our Team

Since 01.03.2022, an interdisciplinary team has been working to spin off the project from the University Medical Center Göttingen as part of an EXIST research transfer:

Viola Bartels
Product ManagEment
Claudio Garcia
Project management & Business Development
Tobias Hettenhausen
Quality Management & Process development
Miguel Bravo
Head of Technical Development
Consultants & advisors
Dr. Julie Kux
Clinical Specialist
Prof. Dr. Arndt Schilling
Project Mentor
Tobias Mittelstedt
Product management
Chris Höynck 
Business development